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Unpasteurised, HPP, raw, not from concentrate....what does it all mean?

Posted by Kristie Malone on

Not all juice is created equal and if you're choosing to drink juice to make up part of your day's nutrient quota, you'd better be making an informed decision.   Here's the low down on some of the words used to market fresh juice these days:

Pasteurisation is a process where juice (or milk/food) is heated to a specific temperature for a short period of time to destroy or de-active enzymes and bacteria that may be harmful (to those with vulnerable immunities)  Unfortunately this process also affects the good ones which compromises the nutrient content of the juice. The end result of this process is a product that is shelf stable for months and essentially a dead product.  Examples of this kind of juice is anything that can sit on a shelf and only requires refrigeration after opening.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) achieves the same result as pasteurisation (kills any bugs and extends the "unopened fridge life" to up to 45 days) but uses pressure instead of heat.  It requires the product to be in plastic as glass would shatter during the process. Some experts say this process doesn't have much effect on the nutrient and antioxidant levels but it still kills good enzymes, changes the cell structures in the produce and renders what was once a living product lifeless. (and its just plain weird - technology is insane) So you're getting some, but not all of the benefits you could be.

Concentrates are the most heavily processed versions of juice on the market.  To make concentrate, first the fruit is juiced, then pasteurised and then all the water is evaporated out resulting in a product that is 7 times more concentrated that the original juice.  This concentrate is then usually frozen and later mixed with water to turn it back into juice. Concentrated juices still contain high levels of vitamin c, they're still called juice, but are more like fruit drink treats that a drink with nutritional purpose.

When we say The Brothers Coldpress is RAW, COLD PRESSED juice we mean not pasteurised, processed or made from concentrate.

Its relatively simple - we wash and chop, then press fruit and vegetables separating the juice from the fibre. By keeping our juice raw it means more living enzymes, vitamins and minerals make it into each bottle. They are a valuable source of nutrition and an easily and enjoyable way to give your body what it needs to function at its peak.