Number 1

Number 1
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A green juice that tastes better than leaves? A fruit juice that is green? Everyone wins!  This juice is called Number 1 for a reason.


  • 32% Organic Apple
  • 32% Organic Pear 
  • 22% Organic Kiwifruit
  • 7% Organic Kale
  • 5%  Organic Lemon
  • 1%  Organic Wheatgrass


Pears, Kiwifruit and Kale are all high in potassium which is great for heart health, oxygenating blood and regulating water balance.  Pears also have a high content of copper and iron which can help the body's ability to absorb essential minerals and prevent fatigue.  We've added a little Wheatgrass for a dose of chlorophyll which will boost your energy further, and with the hit of Vitamin C from the apple and lemon, this juice will leave you feeling tip top... Number 1 even.

Nutrition Information 
Average Quantity Per 100 ml 
Energy                         203kj 
Protein                         0.6g
Fat Total                       0.2g  
- Saturated                   0.0g
Carbohydrate               9.4g
- Sugars                        9.2g
Sodium                         4mg

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