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They say "eat carrots to help you to see in the dark" so perhaps if you drink them you could see through walls! Probably not, but this combination certainly helps you feel more like a superhero.


  • 74% Organic Carrot
  • 20% Organic Orange
  • 4% Spray Free Ginger
  • 2% Spray Free Turmeric


It's the antioxidant beta carotene in carrots that gives them their colour.  It can help to protect your eyesight and is known to fight free radical damage and inflammation both of which cause oxidative stress on our bodies.

Carrots are great for cleansing your blood and boosting the production of bile which helps your body to digest fats. Bottled alongside the vitamin C in orange and the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric it’s little wonder why this juice is called Superman.

Nutrition Information 
Average Quantity Per 100 ml 
Energy                         180kj
Protein                          1.0g
Fat Total                        0.3g
- Saturated                   0.0g
Carbohydrate               7.0g
- Sugars                       5.6g
Sodium                       33mg

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