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Our greenest juice. No fruit, except for a little lemon.

Iceberg lettuce, celery* kale* spinach* parsley* wheatgrass* lemon*
Iceberg lettuce 28% | Alkaline water 27% | Organic celery 16% | Organic kale 10% | Organic spinach 10% | Organic lemon 3% | Organic curly parsley 3% | Organic wheatgrass 3%
3 serves* of vegetables per 250ml
0 serves* of fruit per 250ml 
0.7g of natural fruit sugar per 100ml
*by weight, pre juicing using Food Standards Australia New Zealand & Ministry of Health serving size guidelines.
  • Good for 7 days from press date
  • Keep refrigerated at all times
  • Shake well the good stuff settles
  • This juice is RAW and UNPASTEURISED so may not be suitable during pregnancy or for people with compromised immune systems.

The main benefit of drinking green juice is the chlorophyll hit you get from the green pigments. Chlorophyll neutralises toxins, helps to purify the liver, stabilises blood sugars and oxygenates the blood which can reduce fatigue and defend the body against disease. Here's a spotlight on the ingredients:

Iceberg lettuceHydrating - its 96% water with a little folate and Vitamin K

CeleryAlkalising, anti- inflammatory and antioxidant rich

SpinachPlant based iron, & vitamin C, chlorophyll hit offers a natural energy boost

KaleBest source of Vitamin K for bone health. Source of calcium & magnesium

WheatgrassChloryophyll fights fatigue by oxygenating the blood

ParsleyRich in antioxidants and Vitamins K & C

LemonA little bit of zing to bring it all together and adds some Vitamin C

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