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Our Story

Owners, Roger Young and Chris Wagstaff arrived in the cold press juice business a little by accident. It all started by trying to improve the efficiency at Fidel’s Cafe and ended up landing them a serious juice habit and a new business: The Brothers Coldpress.
Inspired by the juice movement on the west coast of America, the boys took a road trip and on their return imported a commercial press from Melbourne. Together with a bunch of friends they started pressing and bottling The Brothers Coldpress to supply not just their own fridges, but also a growing number of boutique grocery stores and cafes around Wellington.
6 years later and fresh, daily juice is the new normal. They still enjoy their coffee and the odd rum of course, but the juice comes first and fresh is best.


Our mission

We would simply like to provide you with a choice. One that’s good for you and good for the planet. Our cold pressed juices are made using organic and spray free, locally sourced ingredients and are bottled in re-usable, returnable glass. No additives, preservatives or tricks are used to prolong their shelf life. We let nature speak for herself and hope to offer you good health and vitality one serve at a time.


Our promise

Fresh is best and we mean that. All our products are raw and unpasteurised which means care needs to be taken to ensure they are chilled at all times. We recommend 4 degrees C or cooler. Our cold press system keeps the produce chilled from whole fruit to bottle and is packed with cooler pads during transport. Once in your hands we recommend you drink it straight away or keep it cool.  It's at its best for 7 days from pressing.

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your beverage, please let us know straight away.

We will gladly replace the product or give you a full refund. That’s what Brothers do.


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