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Easy Greens


An easy drinking green juice for those not so keen on a salad in a bottle!

Silverbeet, celery, green apple, lemon
*all organic

Silverbeet 39% | Celery 32% | Green Apple 21% | Lemon 8%

2.75 serves* of vegetables per 250ml
0.75 serves* of fruit per 250ml 
5.1g of natural fruit sugar per 100ml
*by weight, pre juicing using Food Standards Australia New Zealand & Ministry of Health serving size guidelines.

  • Good for 7 days from press date
  • Keep refrigerated at all times
  • Shake well the good stuff settles
  • This juice is RAW and UNPASTEURISED so may not be suitable during pregnancy or for people with compromised immune systems.

This juice has a massive dose of leafy greens, all the alkalising goodness of celery and lemon and just enough green apple to take the edge off. As a comparison in terms of sweetness: Easy Greens contains 5.1g of naturally occurring fruit sugars per 100ml vs Popeye which is 8.4g and Hulk which is 0.07g

Silverbeeta great source of iron, calcium and vitamins K, A and C

CeleryAlkalising, anti- inflammatory and antioxidant rich. Celery is main flavour profile present in this juice

Granny Smith apple - chosen for their lower sugar content, these apples have a variety of vitamins and minerals and add just the right amount of sweetness to this otherwise vegetable heavy juice.

Lemon - adds vitamin C and acts as a natural preservative

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