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They say "eat carrots to help you see in the dark" so perhaps if you drink them you could see through walls! Or is that X-ray vision? Either way this combination certainly helps you feel more like a superhero.

Carrot* orange* ginger, turmeric


    Organic carrot 74% | Organic orange 20% | Spray free ginger 4% | Spray free turmeric 2%

    2.75 serves* of vegetables per 250ml
    0.75 serves* of fruit per 250ml 
    5.6g of natural fruit sugar per 100ml
    *by weight, pre juicing using Food Standards Australia New Zealand & Ministry of Health serving size guidelines.

    • Good for 7 days from press date
    • Keep refrigerated at all times
    • Shake well the good stuff settles
    • This juice is RAW and UNPASTEURISED so may not be suitable during pregnancy or for people with compromised immune systems.

    It's the high level of beta carotene in carrots that helps to protect your eyesight, but that’s not their only claim to fame. They're also known to fight free radical damage and inflammation both of which cause oxidative stress on our bodies and they increase the production of bile which helps the body to digest fat. Clever vegetables!

    CarrrotsHydrating & antioxidant rich. Great source of Vitamin C, K1 & Potassium. Great for supporting your liver, your eyes, cleansing your blood and aiding wound healing.

    OrangeVitamin C for collagen production and immune system support

    TurmericPotent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

    GingerMetabolism and digestion support. Powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

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