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It’s green, highly alkaline and nutrient dense. And while we can’t say “this juice offers limitless strength in a bottle” we can say when you start the day with the Hulk it does kinda make one feel a little bit more superhuman.


  • 30% Iceberg lettuce
  • 20% organic cucumber
  • 17% organic celery
  • 12% organic kale
  • 12% organic spinach
  • 3% organic parsley
  • 3% organic wheatgrass
  • 3% organic lemon


The main benefit of drinking green juice is the chlorophyll hit you get from the green pigments. Chlorophyll neutralises toxins, helps to purify the liver, stabilises blood sugars and oxygenates the blood which reduces fatigue and defends the body against disease.  This combination of greens with iceberg lettuce adding a lot of the ‘juiciness’ also offers a hydration boost along with a healthy dose of Vitamin A which is great for keeping your skin at its best.  It's also really low in natural sugars - 1.1g per 100ml so is a good choice if you're diabetic or keeping an eye on your overall sugar intake.

Nutrition Information 
Average Quantity Per 100 ml 
Energy                         65kj
Protein                        1.2g
Fat Total                      0.1g
- Saturated                  0.0g
Carbohydrate              1.1g
- Sugars                      1.1g
Sodium                    105mg

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