Wake Up

Wake Up
  • $11.95

Just as good in the afternoon but well suited to its name, this juice will awaken your senses and buffer your immune system with it's vitamin C loaded combination.


  • 63% Organic Apple
  • 27% Organic Orange
  • 7% Spray Free Ginger
  • 3% Organic Lemon


Next time you find yourself reaching for a sweet treat to get you through the afternoon try a Wake Up juice instead.  Oranges and apples have a natural sweetness but low Glycemic Index which helps to keep blood sugars stable while satisfying your craving.

Although acidic outside the body, oranges and lemons are actually alkaline once digested which helps to keep your system functioning at its best and prevent disease. And ginger's nifty ability to support metabolism and digestion means your body will find it easier to absorb nutrients.  Antioxidants, vitamins, immunity boosting....this juice is so much more than the average apple/orange combo.

Nutrition Information 
Average Quantity Per 100 ml 
Energy                         207kj 
Protein                         0.6g
Fat Total                       0.1g
- Saturated                   0.0g
Carbohydrate               9.9g
- Sugars                        9.6g 
Sodium                         3mg

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