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Pink Panther


What's better than a cool slice of watermelon on a hot summer's day? A cool bottle of watermelon juice that's what. This seasonal release has all of the flavour but none of the seeds.

Watermelon, lemon*


88% Watermelon | 12% Organic lemon

2 serves* of fruit per 250ml
6.1g of natural fruit sugars per 100ml
*by weight, pre juicing using Food Standards Australia New Zealand and Ministry of Health serving size guidelines.

  • Good for 7 days from press date
  • Keep refrigerated at all times
  • Shake well the good stuff settles
  • This juice is RAW and UNPASTEURISED so may not be suitable during pregnancy or for people with compromised immune systems.

WatermelonAside from the sunshine feeling you get when you drink something this colour... watermelon is amazingly good for you.  It's rich in the antioxidants lycopene and vitamin C which may help reduce inflammation and oxidative damage; both of which contribute to all sorts of chronic diseases. 

LemonLoaded with Vitamin C and that all important zing! Lemon balances the natural sweetness of the Watermelon and helps to keep the colour bright in the bottle without adding any synthetic ascorbic acid.

Try it on its own, with a splash of soda, frozen as an insanely delicious popsicle or if you're that way inclined, make a pink cocktail - it goes great with any white spirit or as a pink white wine spritzer!


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